AAP Announces New Immunization Guidelines for Kids, Teens

This year's immunization guidelines cover a range of conditions such as influenza, pertussis and genital warts. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released the recommended childhood ...Among the new guidelines is a recommendation that adolescents get a booster dose of meningococcal vaccine.

New California Law Mandates Whooping Cough Booster Shot for Teens

Come September, teens won't be allowed in public or private schools without proof of a whooping cough booster shot. Credit: Getty If you live in California, you'll need to add one more thing to your back-to-school to-do list. A ne...New California law requires kids in grades seven through 12 to get whooping cough vaccine.

California Faces Worst Whooping Cough Epidemic in 50 Years

California medical officials are urging residents to get booster shots for whooping cough, as the state is in the midst of the largest outbreak in over 50 years. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
California's medical community grew concerned ...

Give a Baby Sugar, Make a Shot Hurt Less

Does sugar take the sting out of shots? Credit: Getty Images
Turns out, a spoonful of sugar really does make the medicine go down -- or at least it makes an injection hurt a lot less. A new study shows that babies who are given something sweet...

Court Rules West Virginia Mom Must Vaccinate Her Child

Some parents worry about vaccinating their children. Credit: jupiterimages
Opponents of vaccines lost a court battle this month, as a federal judge ruled that a West Virginia mom must immunize her child. Jennifer Workman of Mingo County, W...

One Third of Parents Oppose Swine Flu Vaccine for Their Kids, Poll Says

Will you have your child vaccinated for the swine flu? Credit: mharvey75, Flickr
More than a third of parents in the United States oppose getting their children vaccinated against the swine flu, according to a poll conducted this month by The Ass...

Chicken Pox Parties

Despite the fact that the mainstream medical community denies a link between vaccinations and autism, more and more parents are choosing not to have their children inoculated against childhood diseases. And while every state allows some avenue of exe...

Flu shot during pregnancy protects newborn babies

For a decade, the CDC has recommended that pregnant women get a flu shot, because pregnancy can affect the immune system and because the flu can be dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn babies. Still, the vast majority of pregnant women don't....

Measles cases at a 12-year high

It's the time of year when school nurses across the country are looking over student's immunization records to make sure they've had all the shots they need in order to attend class. But as we've discussed here many times before, not all students wil...

Charlie Sheen pays for daughter vaccination... in nickels?!

(Click the photo to see the 10 Worst Celebrity Dads) When parents hold differing view on basic issues like discipline, education, or medical care for their children, it can be difficult to come to an agreeable compromise. However, when the parents...

1 million vaccinations recalled

Merck is recalling one million doses of Hib vaccination, the shot used to prevent meningitis and pneumonia, after testing showed sterilization problems in its Pennsylvania plant. The recall involves 10 lots of Hib vaccine and two lots of a combinati...

YouTube videos spread vaccination misinformation

If you are anything like me, you sometimes turn to the Internet for information on health issues. Dr. Google has reassured me that the weird itchiness in my ear is likely due to dry skin and that nasal sprays are helpful when you have a sinus headach...

When immunizations go bad

I think all immunizations are bad and I hated vaccinating my kids. HATED! I cried right along with them and felt terrible that protecting them from disease required jabbing a needle into their delectably chubby little thighs. And if after going thr...

Judge: get your kids vaccinated or go to jail

When it comes to vaccinating children to school standards in Maryland, parents have two choices: get the shots or claim an exemption based on medical or religious reasons. For some reason, more than 1,000 students in Prince George's County, Maryland ...

Are your teens vaccinations up-to-date?

When you have a baby, the pediatrician is relentless with reminders about the immunization schedule. The Health Department sends letters. The kid can't get into preschool or kindergarten if they're not up-to-date on their shots, unless you've filled ...


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