in vitro fertilization 

How much does a fertility treatment cost?

Remember a few years ago when all that stuff was circulating around the web about how much it costs to have a kid? The number was somewhere around a million dollars or something, or close enough to might as well be that high. Today a new article h...

Couple who lost three children expecting triplets

I can't believe I actually got through this entire story without bursting into a thousand tears. Well, to be honest I didn't read the whole thing. But I'm glad I read what I did. Chris and Lori Coble, parents to two girls and a boy, lost all their c...

J.Lo preggo!

Well, at least according to the Internet Movie Database, she is. Sources say Jennifer Lopez is pregnant with her first child. Or, er, children. Much as we speculated for what seems like years over whether J.Lo sported or tried to hide a baby bump, n...

Lesbian couple sues doctor after having twins

I remember when Edan's mom first told me she was pregnant, I was petrified we'd have twins. Not that I wouldn't love them both -- in fact now I'd probably enjoy having a second rug rat to chase after -- but, at the time, the thought of twice the diap...

Life is icky, tricky

I have a friend who is about to undergo in vitro fertilization, also known as IVF. She never thought about pregnancy or kids until she had an ectopic pregnancy. What she thought was a rough period turned out to be a rupture that cost her a tube ...

Woman loses frozen embryo battle

From  the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Nattalie Evans, a British woman who had embryos frozen before ovarian cancer treatment rendered her infertile, had no right to use the embyros to have a baby without the consent of...


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