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Stringent Policy Puts Sperm in Short Supply in Melbourne, Australia

A medical worker works on a dish ready for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Credit: Georges Gobet, AFP/Getty Images If you're living in Melbourne, Australia and want to conceive using a sperm bank, you may want to get in line. Th...Just 184 registered sperm donors are left in the state of Victoria.

Looking for Mr. Dad? Find the Right Sperm Donor With a Dossier

Want your baby to look like Brad Pitt? Pick your sperm donor wisely. Credit: Corbis Parents who are making babies -- in vitro style -- don't want to hook up with just any old sperm donor. Not when there are celebrity lookalikes avail...Want your baby to have brown eyes, dark hair and look like Taylor Lautner? Enter the personalized sperm bank.

In Vitro Kids Score as Well on Tests as Those Born the Old-Fashioned Way

The in vitro kids are all right. Credit: Getty Images
Test tube babies may not be mutant freaks after all. Scientists have long been curious about what mental, emotional and physical effects might develop in children conceived through in vitro...
Babies born through in vitro fertilization scored as well on academic tests as kids born the old fashioned way, a new study reports.

Infertile searchers looking for God, reports blogger

Persephone, who's newly pregnant after infertility struggles and a successful round with IVF, has been keeping track of the search terms used to find her blog in 2005. "Somebody out there's writing a very odd poem," she wrote, after having ...


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