Mackenzie Phillips Talks Addiction, Incest and Why She's Not a Victim

Mackenzie Phillips says she has no regrets in life. Credit: Michael Tullberg, Getty Images
Mackenzie Phillips was born into rock and roll royalty.
The daughter of "Papa" John Phillips, the legendary Mamas and the Papas founder, she ...
The actress's memior, "High on Arrival," is now out in paperback with an added chapter.

Switzerland Debates Legalizing Incest

Will incest become legal in Switzerland? Credit: Fabrice Coffrini, AFP/Getty Images Swiss parliament may be giving a new meaning to the term "brotherly love." They have drafted a law that would repeal incest laws so that family membe...Swiss parliament may be giving a new meaning to the term "brotherly love."

Teri Hatcher uses abuse to become advocate

We told you months ago about Teri Hatcher's Vanity Fair interview where she revealed her history as a childhood victim of sexual abuse. Now Hatcher has decided to springboard from simply revealing her abuse (and helping to convict her perpetrator) t...

Teri Hatcher reveals childhood sexual abuse

Teri Hatcher has publically revealed she was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her uncle Richard Hayes Stone, at the age of five. She came out as a survivor privately in 2002 when Stone was being tried for abusing a 14-year-old girl. The girl ...


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