The Great Thanksgiving Staycation - Five Family Outings

Our Thanksgiving celebration this year involves just a short day trip, which leaves a nice, long, leisurely weekend to be enjoyed at home. Our lives are so busy during the week, I look forward to these bigger chunks of unscheduled time to decompress...

Cheap gifts for Father's day (the inexpensive kind, not the dinky kind)

Let's face it--the economy stinks. Or, maybe, we never had any money anyway. Still, we love dad and want to get him something special--or at least useful and not (too) gimmicky--for Father's Day. We don't have the money for the new watch he dese...

Simple and inexpensive storage solutions for a child's room

I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea in the most serious of ways. I love the simple and modern designs, the inexpensive prices and of course, the ice cream cones. I hate the crowds, the crappy assembly instructions, and the inevitable heated arg...


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