Early Caesareans Risky for Newborns

C-sections, as we've long known, can be risky business. The C, also known as the Caesarean section, is, after all, major surgery, with a longer recovery time than a regular birth. C-sections also can lead to complications like infection and difficu...

Vaccinations: they're not just for kids!

According to another one of those pesky recent studies, adults in the United States are not getting their vaccinations. Yes, adults are supposed to get vaccinated too--just because we can legally drink doesn't mean we can totally avoid the needle. ...

Free antibiotics for everyone!

Well, you need a prescription, and it doesn't apply to all antibiotics, but if you live in an area where there is a Publix store, you can get seven generic brands of antibiotics for free. Plublix is a privately held grocer and I guess they can do wha...

How much do you tell your kids?

Wednesday night, I broke our family rule -- I caused us to exceed one visit to the emergency room per year. This was, in fact, our third so far this year. I was in the kitchen when the floor suddenly dropped about two feet. I gasped, thinking it was ...

Spiders and ears don't mix

Our Sara had an earache last Thursday that sent us to the doctor on Friday. We didn't think it was an infection because a bit of Tylenol made the pain go away and she was back to being her devilish little self in no time. Still, we went to see the do...

Whooping cough makes a comeback

In 1976, there were just over a thousand cases of whooping cough reported in the United States, thanks to the introduction of a vaccine in 1948. In 2004, there were nearly 26,000 cases nationwide, thanks in part to relatively loose exemption policies...


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