Researchers Say Caffeine May Cause Infertility

Caffeine or baby, caffeine or baby? Credit: Getty Images
Caffeine can not only make you jumpy, it can make you infertile.
MSNBC reports researchers have discovered caffeine reduces activity of the muscles in the fallopian tubes, whi...
Lab mice become infertile after the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

Experts Debating Whether Insurance Should Cover Infertility Treatments Under New Law

Should health insurance cover infertility treatments? Credit: Getty Today, most couples undergoing infertility treatments are paying out of their own pockets, but experts at the Institute of Medicine are taking a closer look at the new...Experts are looking into coverage for infertility treatments under the new health care laws.

Sperm Banks Offer Last-Minute Holiday Sales

Talk about giving a personal gift. Credit: Getty Here's a not-so-subtle gift that brings families together -- or at least tries to create them -- this holiday season: Now, for the couple aspiring to get pregnant, friends and families c...Not sure what gift to give this season? Try sperm!

Surrogacy Goes Global With Concierge-Like Ordering Service

Where in the world would you like your surrogate to be from? An online service lets you pick and choose. Credit: Getty Remember when nesting for baby meant selecting the nursery decor, layette and cutesy crib mobile, and meticulously...Place your baby order now! Surrogate from Italy. Sperm donor from India. Egg donor from Bulgaria.

'Desperate Housewives' Actress Uses Yoga to Help Women Facing Fertility Issues

Brenda Strong, with her son, Zak, uses yoga to help women with fertility issues. Credit: Axelle/
There isn't a neighbor residing on Wisteria Lane who is safe from the insightful observations and intimate knowledge of Mary Alice Y...
Brenda Strong is helping women and couples facing fertility issues.

Tips for Facing Infertility During the Holidays

As a person dealing with fertility issues, Lori LeRoy finds the holidays especially difficult. Credit: Kevin Foster
Every bit as much as she embraces sharing the holidays with family and friends, Lori LeRoy says staring at the cards already arriv...
Can't handle another holiday card with a cute baby on it? Experts offer advice for getting through the holidays when you face infertility issues.

Protect Your Kids From This Toxic Ingredient

Dear Karla, Some friends of mine have been talking about toxic ingredients that can change the natural levels of hormones in our children, especially in products that we put on their skin. Do you know what they are talking about? Is there something ...

Quebec Government Will Fund IVF Treatments

For people struggling with infertility issues, the stress and emotional upheaval can be overwhelming. When you add to that the financial burden of fertility treatments, which can run to tens of thousands of dollars, the dream of a family might seem o...

To Do List: Pick Up Milk, Bread, Sperm Test

Men may soon be able to check their sperm count in the comfort of their own homes. Credit: Jung Yeon-Je, AFP / Getty Images
Cold exam rooms and Playboy magazines may not be the only route to male fertility testing for long. A new home test th...

Many Frozen Embryos Go Unused, Study Says

A researcher handles frozen embryonic stem cells in a laboratory at the Univestiry of Sao Paulo's human genome research center, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Credit: Mauricio Lima, AFP / Getty Images Many women who successfully have a baby using dona...

British Woman, 59, Pursues Infertility Treatments

Susan Tollefson gave birth at 57. Credit: Jenny Goodall, Solo / ZUMA Press
A 59-year-old London woman and the mother of a 2-year-old may just be the oldest UK citizen to ever be offered in-virto fertilization. Government guidelines in ...

IVF Embryo Mix-Up Devastates Families

It sounds like a plot right out of a soap opera -- in fact it was a story line on ABC's "Private Practice" last season. Only to two UK families, this story is anything but fiction. When parents Debra and Paul decided to have another baby -- th...

Trying to Conceive? We've Got Some Tips!

Having trouble conceiving? Credit: Getty Images
We spend the early years of adulthood trying not to have a baby, only to discover that -- once we're finally ready for the pitter-patter of little feet -- it isn't always so easy to conceive. Expe...

Surrogacy Creates "Miracles" For Childless Couples

Surrogacy gives infertile couples a second chance at having biological children, and one Midwestern woman has helped make dreams come true for three families. Photo courtesy of Sensational cases of surrogacy are a far cry from the reali...

Fertility Treatment Myths Debunked

Nadya Suleman, infamous mom of octuplets, doesn't make motherhood look easy. But IVF? For her, that's a walk in the park. After all, every one of her 14 kids was born through in-vitro fertilization with donor sperm. At her age, which is 33, women hav...


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