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33 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Your baby's toenails, fingernails and skeleton have formed. Credit: GE Healthcare Take a few minutes now, while you have the time, to call your insurance company and find out what -- if anything -- they need from you, your employer or ...

When is a Birthmark Cause for Concern?

My new daughter has a tiny little red dot under her nose, right between her nostrils. She's had it since she was born (she is now six weeks old). I'm assuming that, if it doesn't go away, it will be a birthmark. This mark is small and I am not ove...

Health clauses appearing in prenups

A new trend is on the rise among those about to get married, and it ain't whether or not to wear a sleeveless gown. More often, those signing prenuptial agreements are including health-related clauses in their lists of musts and must nots. What used...

When weight-loss camp is too expensive

Being overweight is tough for a kid. There are many options toward weight loss, but some are more (or less) appealing than others. For many, over the years, the weight-loss camp has been a dream. But, while "fat camp" is almost as American as apple ...

Does a caesarean = no insurance?

For some women, it does. As the number of individuals seeking their own health insurance (not through an employer-sponsored plan) increases right along with the startling number of women getting C-sections these days, insurance companies are making i...


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