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Science gets the boot in Louisiana schools

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal -- surprisingly, a biology major in college -- has signed into law a bill that allows school boards in Louisiana to select materials to be used in science classes in order to critique scientific theories. The law is su...

Biology teachers teaching creationism

You'd think that after the well-publicized trouncing the Dover school board was handed after they tried to sneak creationism into their science classrooms under the guise of Intelligent Design, everyone would know that you're supposed to stick with e...

Biblically Correct Tours

What do you do if you are homeschooling your children (or even, I suppose, if you're not) and want to take a field trip to the natural history museum, but don't want your kids indoctrinated by all that made-up fantasy nonsense they call science? Well...

Sweden to ban creationism -- in religious, private schools

Actually, it's only in the biology classes, but nonetheless, the Swedish government is planning to implement new rules that would prevent biology teachers from teaching creationism or intelligent design alongside evolution. Schools will still be allo...

Improving science edumacation in Louisiana

Senator David Vitter of Louisiana wants to set aside $100,000 for a Louisiana Christian group to undertake a study of and to produce a report on ways to improve science education in Louisiana, as well as the development and distribution of educationa...

Kansas schools return to sanity

Just in case they hadn't beat the issue completely to death, the Kansas Board of Education is once again taking up the issue of teaching evolution vs. creationism intelligent design. This time, however, it looks like reason may prevail. In the Novemb...

French schools spammed with anti-evolution books

"The Atlas of Creation" is a 770-page book written by Turkish author Harun Yahya in which he quotes from the Koran and says that "human beings did not evolve (from another species) but were indeed created." The book also describes evolution as "the t...


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