Internet Safety for Middle School Kids

Middle schoolers lead digital lives, so why not make sure they do it safely? Credit: Getty Images In the middle school years, teens begin social networking, creating and uploading comments (blogs, videos, pictures), downloading music a...Teens are using the Internet to express themselves and to experiment anonymously with different identities.

Report Looks at Internet as Influence in Suicides

Rutgers students attend a candlelight vigil for suicide victim Tyler Clementi. Credit: Reena Rose Sibayan, AP
The increase in the number of reports about online suicide pacts, often between people who have never even met, suggests the possibili...
The increase in the number of reports about online suicide pacts, often between people who have never even met, suggest the possibility of a growing phenomenon, according to a new report.

Do You Monitor Your Children's Internet Usage?

What are your kids checking out online? Credit: Getty Images
Kids are getting online earlier and earlier. When our little ones are still very little, it's easy to keep them locked in to PBS Kids, AOL Kids, Nick Jr. and other kid-friendly destin...
Kids are getting online earlier and earlier, so are you keeping an eye on their web browsing?

Baby Photo Goes Viral, Dad Discovers 10 Years Later

Allen S. Rout's son, Stephen, is the "happy baby" in Japan. Credit: Steve Johnson, The New York Times
Imagine posting photos of your baby on your personal website and then discovering, 10 years later, that he's an Internet celebrity -- in Japan. ...
Imagine posting photos of your baby on your personal website and then discovering, 10 years later, that he's an Internet celebrity -- in Japan. That's what happened to a Florida father after he posted some photos of his then 5-month-old son on his website in 2000.

Could Facebook Keep Your Kid Out of College?

A few mindless posts could prove to be your kid's undoing when it comes to college admissions. Credit: Karen Bleier, AFP / Getty Images
As the first generation to grow up with the Internet, our kids think nothing of revealing the most intimate ...

Pathological Internet Use Linked to Depression in Teens, Study Shows

Your child's depression might be linked to his Internet use. Credit: Corbis
Your teenager seems moody and depressed? Showing all the signs of addiction? Before you go ordering that tox screen, you might want to consider another culprit: the Inter...

Reviews: What's New This Week

Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full. In Theaters: Babies Four infants from four different parts of the world st...

Families Spending More on Home Entertainment than Going Out

Staying home with the kids is not that cheap. Credit: c.r.avery, Flickr
American households are spending more money staying in with their electronic gadgets than going out. In fact, we're spending almost $1,000 per person every year on cable TV, I...

New Program to Teach Parents Internet Safety

Donna Rice Hughes informs parents about Internet safety. Credit: Enough Is Enough
Hope Witsell committed suicide, becoming the nation's second death clearly linked to "sexting." Last June, Witsell, 13, photographed her breasts and forwarded ...

Help! My Kid is (Always) on Facebook!

So I'm having a leisurely chat with another mom the other night -- our kids were doing a volunteer project together --and I'm complaining about my 13-year-old spending every waking moment on Facebook. She's complaining about the same thing. But ...

Internet Safety

How can you be sure that your child is safe on the Internet? It can be easy if you set the following Internet safety guidelines with your kids. Among our top ways to stay safe. Remind your kids to: 1. Be careful with strangers on the Internet. ...

Cyber Bullying and How to Stop it

Cyber bullying is abuse that takes place through the use of information and communication technologies. Cyber bullies use social networking sites, chat rooms, cell phones, text, email and more to threaten, abuse and bully their victims. A victim of c...

Young Kids Spending More Time Online

Kids get friendly with the Internet. Photo:
This isn't your mama's Internet: Nielsen reports from the month of May found that kids, age 11 and younger, are a rapidly growing group of Internet users -- getting online at higher rates than...

ParentDish a Webby Awards Honoree

The Webby Awards are the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, and the team here at ParentDish is proud to announce that we've been recognized as an Official Honoree in the Family and Parenting category. Traditionally, W...

Green Easter Baskets, Bullying, and Homework - Links We Love

Juggling work, family, school got you with too many balls in the air? Try one of these fabulous organizational tools ... download for free! -- Mommy Track'd If you're redoing your kids' bedroom and have, oh, an extra $10,000 to spare, these over-t...


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