You May As Well Laugh: A Conversation With Judith Viorst

Judith Viorst's newest book is "Unexpectedly Eighty."
By Marlo Thomas
I've been a huge fan of Judith Viorst for ages. Her writings have continued to amuse, inform and delight audiences, especially her "decade" books. The latest is "...
The best-selling author tells Marlo Thomas what she has learned through the decades.

Bethenny Frankel Dishes on Motherhood, In-laws and Her Latest Book

Credit: Paul Zimmerman, Getty Images
It didn't take long for Bethenny Frankel to become the fan favorite on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New York City."
The reality star, natural foods chef and best-selling author soon scored her...
First a housewive of New York, now a REAL wife with a child, Bethenny comes from a 'Place of Yes'.

Barbara Harris on Adopting Drug-Addicted Babies and Why She Started Project Prevention

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Barbara and Smitty Harris are surrounded by their adopted children. Courtesy of Barbara Harris
Twenty-one years ago, when Destiny Harris was born, she tested positive for crack, PCP and heroin.
After adopting four children from the same drug-addicted mother, this mom took action.

'Positive Discipline for Children With Special Needs': Author Q&A

Watch Videos Related to This Article Children with special needs need discipline, just like every other kid on the planet. How else are they going to learn about limits and boundaries, right from wrong and the basics of socially acceptable behavio...Book says cchildren, including those with special needs, deserve the chance to feel capable, important and self-possessed.

Earth Day: Everyday Activities for Kids

Earth Day comes only once a year, but in our neighbourhood many families are making small changes to honour the Earth every day. If your family is looking for inspiration and practical ideas to bring Earth Day home, every day, look no further than ...

Is Your Child Ready for Theatre School?

Performance comes naturally to children. Think: tantrum at the grocery store. Think: pantomime of disgust when supper fails to please. Think: playing dress-up and pretend. And while not every child is interested in taking his flair for the dramatic t...

MSNBC Anchor: It Took A Serious Fall With My Baby To Change My Life

Mika Brzezinski shares her struggles with balancing a demanding career and motherhood. Credit: Brian Nice.
It's been said before, motherhood is a balancing act. Unfortunately, MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski found that out the ha...

Expert Tips for Getting Kids Involved in the Kitchen

"You don't need to be an expert to cook," Elisabeth de Mariaffi tells Cabin Fever. Elisabeth is the author of Eat It Up!, a colourful and practical new cookbook for children, and she's just the person to reassure a harried and hopeful parent that c...

Lisa Rinna Opens Up About Parenting, Playboy, and Dancing with the Stars

Lisa Rinna posed for Playboy -- at 45! Photo by Kristian Dowling, Getty Images
Lisa Rinna is best known for her acting ("Days of Our Lives", "Melrose Place"), her dancing ("Dancing With The Stars") and her hosting (TV Guide Channel, SoapTalk). No...

Job interviewing while pregnant?

Much like many other people, I interviewed for a job in 2004. Actually, I interviewed for a couple of jobs. But, here's the kicker: I was eight and nine months, respectively, pregnant when I did so. In fact, for the second interview, I was 35.5 weeks...

Interviewing 3-year-olds for preschool placement

The London Times has a parenting blog called Alpha Mummy, on which Sarah Vine has recently posted an interesting discovery: a private prep school for toddlers that interviews children for potential admission. This is the craziest thing I've ever hear...

Byrneunit at Leah Peah

Byrneunit is the coauthored site by Brian and Erin Byrne who are the parents of Wee Henry, who I liked before he was even born. They've been 'co-interviewed' by Leah Peah talking about all the normal stuff including becoming parents. Henry even makes...


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