Teen Impersonates Cop

A 14-year-old boy donned a police uniform, walked into a Chicago police station, and spent five hours patrolling the city for bad guys before fellow officers figured out that he was an impostor. The boy, who was arrested Saturday on charges of imp...

Shackled Teen Shows Up At California Gym

An emaciated 17-year-old boy showed up at a California gym with a shackle around his bleeding ankle, and begged workers there to protect him from the couple he says held him captive and tortured him. Half-naked and covered with soot and feces, the...

Boy, 3, may face life with Bart Simpson tattoo

A British boy on holiday in Spain suffered a reaction to a supposedly temporary tattoo of TV character Bart Simpson, and now the three-year-old may be facing a lifelong relationship with the sitcom scamp -- doctors said the red, raised outline of the...

Mom gives daughter pot and beer for birthday

It's funny that we parents stress so much about letting our kids watch too much TV, eat too much junk food, when it could be so much worse. Oh, so much worse. A 26-year-old Indiana Mom allegedly presented her 11-year-old daughter with a "unique" birt...

Flu shots now mandatory for NJ preschoolers

Starting in September 2008, every child attending pre-school or daycare in the state of New Jersey will be required to have a mandatory flu shot. Some parents are objecting to what they see as the state's overzealous decision to enforce the new law. ...


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