Papeterie Baby Stationary

Papeterie Baby stationary, such as this cupcake party card, are super sweet. Credit: True, e-invites and cards are easy. But there's still something so satisfying -- and sweet -- about receiving an actual invitation o...Stylish cards and invitations are fun to give and receive.

Baby Shower Invitations: Etiquette Basics

Manners come into play in planning a baby shower. Credit: Corbis
You may have thought the days of complicated guest lists were over with your wedding, but baby shower invitations can be equally controversial, causing an already stressed mom-t...

Delivering Birthday Party Invitations: An Unexpected Workout

At Cabin Fever we aim to make room for everyone in the family to participate, however small or tall the activity. In our last post, our almost-seven-year-old made her own birthday invitations. Thus, our Saturday afternoon plan: to deliver freshly-mad...

Make Your Own Birthday Party Invitations

This weekend, my family is going into party preparation mode. My eldest daughter will turn seven in the blink of an eye, and she's downright desperate to get the birthday invitations made and delivered to her friends. Is there a way to spin this task...

Great Birthday Parties for Next to Nothing

When it comes to birthday parties, moms are finding that a little creativity goes a long way toward cutting costs and making great memories for their children. Take Anne Beller, a Dallas mother of four, for example. She actually turned a profit on h...

Birthday Parties - Do You Really Have to Invite the Whole Class?

Standing in the hallway at school last month, a mom turned to me and said, "We got your birthday invitation in the mail. We'll be there." I saw a mom nearby, a mom with whom I've been friendly for two years, raise her eyebrows. Her son had just ha...

Children's Birthday Parties - Extravagant or Fabulous?

Many of us are trimming our budgets, even when it comes to our kids' birthdays. Sigh. But not everyone. In certain circles of the super-rich and well-to-do, they're still "Puttin' on the Ritz" when it comes to their little darlings' parties. Curio...

Baby shower ideas?

My wife's cousin is pregnant after many years of trying (and treatments) and my wife and mother-in-law are planning her baby shower. The burning question of the moment is, of course, what title to give the event on the personalized menus at the resta...

Birthday party etiquette: presents from guests who can't make it?

Everyone loves getting birthday presents. But the generally-accepted etiquette is that, if you and your child can't make it to a birthday party, you have no obligation to get a present. Right? Evidently, wrong. When a friend's son turned three, she i...


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