Stringent Policy Puts Sperm in Short Supply in Melbourne, Australia

A medical worker works on a dish ready for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Credit: Georges Gobet, AFP/Getty Images If you're living in Melbourne, Australia and want to conceive using a sperm bank, you may want to get in line. Th...Just 184 registered sperm donors are left in the state of Victoria.

Want to Make a Baby? Check Out the Latest App

A new IVF app may help predict the potential for pregnancy. Credit: Getty Before heading down the sometimes emotionally traumatic, often dignity-gobbling and not to mention way expensive road to conception through in vitro fertilizat...Want help predicting IVF success? There's an app for that.

Fat Would-Be Dads Lower Chance of Pregnancy

Gentlemen, you have to lose the baby weight before getting pregnant. Credit: Getty Images
Guys, it's not just that those beer bellies and extra poundage are a turnoff. Your refusal to fight off that flab is keeping prospective moms' bellies from ...
Plan to be a pop? Better bust that gut now.

More Not Always Better With In Vitro Fertilization

Dr. Robert Edwards works with his team in the early days of research into in vitro fertilization on March 1, 1969, in Cambridge, England. Edwards was announced as the winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine. Credit: Central Press/Getty Images
Undergoing a third cycle boosted success rates very little and leveled off with subsequent attempts.

In Vitro Kids Score as Well on Tests as Those Born the Old-Fashioned Way

The in vitro kids are all right. Credit: Getty Images
Test tube babies may not be mutant freaks after all. Scientists have long been curious about what mental, emotional and physical effects might develop in children conceived through in vitro...
Babies born through in vitro fertilization scored as well on academic tests as kids born the old fashioned way, a new study reports.

In Vitro Fertilization Works Better in the Spring, Study Suggests

Could be that spring is a better time to grow babies, too. Credit: Getty Images
In the spring, they say, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. That might have something to do with the fact that it's easier for a woman to concei...
According to a study presented Sept. 14 at the World Congress of Fertility and Sterility in Munich, Germany, in vitro fertilization rates were found to be highest in the spring (73.5 percent) versus the winter (67.9 percent), summer (68.7 percent) or fall (69 percent).

Quebec Government Will Fund IVF Treatments

For people struggling with infertility issues, the stress and emotional upheaval can be overwhelming. When you add to that the financial burden of fertility treatments, which can run to tens of thousands of dollars, the dream of a family might seem o...

'Congratulations! You Just Won a Baby!'

They're not exactly handing out babies at a conference in Minnesota this weekend, but thousands of dollars worth of in vitro fertilization services comes close. Credit: Hammer51012, Flickr
"And this is our son Hubert. We won him in a raffle." ...

Woman Gives Birth Twice After Ovarian Transplant

Stinne Holm Bergholdt gave birth to daughters, Aviaja and Lucca, after an ovarian transplant. Credit: Flemming Holm Bergholdt
For the first time ever, a mother in Denmark gave birth to two children more than a year apart after an ovarian ...

Many Frozen Embryos Go Unused, Study Says

A researcher handles frozen embryonic stem cells in a laboratory at the Univestiry of Sao Paulo's human genome research center, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Credit: Mauricio Lima, AFP / Getty Images Many women who successfully have a baby using dona...

Fertility Treatment Myths Debunked

Nadya Suleman, infamous mom of octuplets, doesn't make motherhood look easy. But IVF? For her, that's a walk in the park. After all, every one of her 14 kids was born through in-vitro fertilization with donor sperm. At her age, which is 33, women hav...

Lance Armstrong to Be a Daddy

Seven-time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong is set to be a father again, for the fourth time. Cyclist Lance and girlfriend Anna Hansen are preparing for a new bundle of joy in June of 2009. Lance has three other children with ex-wife Kristin ...

The Debate Over Unused Embryos

It's a question most of us will never have to ask. In fact, it's a question that sounds rather sci-fi more than real life, and yet it is one a growing number of parents must ask themselves. What to do with unused embryos? More and more couples are...

Woman gives birth to triplet granddaughters

The fact that a 56-year-old woman in Wooster, Ohio has given birth might be a story in and of itself. After all, at 56 she is rather mature to be having babies. Add to that the fact that she gave birth to triplets and the story is even more interesti...

Fertility goes Brave New World

Ever read the book Brave New World? In Aldous Huxley's science fiction masterpiece most people stop having babies the old fashioned way; instead humans are the product of test tubes, petri dishes and the like. With the advent of that seventy-year-o...


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