Same Sex Marriage, Diaper Emergencies, and Messy Bedrooms - Links We Love

We all know the Internet is chock full of helpful advice. One dad even used it to learn how to deliver his own baby when his wife went into labor. Can you imagine his Google search? "Wife in labor ... halp!" -- CafeMom Iowa's Supreme Court upholds...

Should teachers have personal lives?

How much of a teacher's personal life does a school really need to care about? Certainly, if they have a history of molesting children, that's an issue. If they don't like ice cream, well, I'd say there's something wrong with them, but it's not reall...

University of Iowa may go smoke-free

There are a lot of factors to consider when helping your kids pick a college. Faculty, quality of education, and whether or not the people you meet there will be able to get you a cushy government job after graduation. Here's one more consideration f...

Mumps is taking over Iowa

It's baaaaack. Mumps was at one time considered a rather common childhood disease. Nowadays, even chickenpox is unusual, given the vaccination. But it had been long thought that mumps had been mostly eradicated due to vaccinations. Apparently, that i...


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