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Beyond Angry Birds: More App Games Your Kids Will Love

At this week's BAFTA Video Game Awards (that's the British Academy of Film and Television Arts), the trophy for best hand-held game went to "Cut the Rope," an iPhone app. It was a first. And it goes a long way toward showing what a phenomenon app ...Sure, everyone knows "Angry Birds," but these apps are worth a download, too!

Storytime Anytime

By now you are a pro at using your iPhone to placate your kids (in the car, in the waiting room), but sometimes you might wonder if that time could be better spent. Perhaps in a way that would be educational and creatively stimulating? Well ano...

Need to Distract the Kids? There's an App for That

'Where's Gumbo?' is a digital lift-the-flap book. Credit: Jacob Favre
Used to be that a long flight, long line or long wait at the doctor's office was a frazzled parent's worst nightmare. But thanks to the iPhone -- and the thousands of apps desi...


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