Best Storybook Apps for Kids

Storybook apps are for kids of all ages! Credit: Getty Images We're loving the new book apps you can download onto your smartphone or iPad. Full of creative images, learning games, and interactivity, book apps provide an immersive exper...Storybook apps can help encourage lifelong readership.

Beyond Angry Birds: More App Games Your Kids Will Love

At this week's BAFTA Video Game Awards (that's the British Academy of Film and Television Arts), the trophy for best hand-held game went to "Cut the Rope," an iPhone app. It was a first. And it goes a long way toward showing what a phenomenon app ...Sure, everyone knows "Angry Birds," but these apps are worth a download, too!

Echo Touch Gloves

Echo Touch gloves come in a wide range of styles and colors, all of which let you use your touch screen phone or ATMs without having to bare your hands to the elements. Credit: Echo
If you dread using your touch screen phone outside during th...
If you dread using your touch screen phone outside during the icy winter because it means freezing your fingertips off, we have the answer.

Apps for Parents: ParentDish's Top 10 Picks

Can't find your car? There's an app for that. Credit: GM Every parent with an iPhone, Android device or iPad knows how much fun kids have playing with the gadgets. But, beyond the games, there are plenty of apps for parents out there t...These parenting apps will help you organize everything from potty breaks to what's for dinner.

Are Your Children Obsessed With Technology?

Forget this -- I want an iPhone. Credit: Corbis
An article in USA Today says that children, some only a year old, are more comfortable with iPhone apps than their parents. Some of these techno tykes are even asking for their own iPad for the holi...

Mickey Mouse Halloween App a Sweet Treat for Little Kids

Mickey and some ghostly friends create Halloween-themed fun for tots. Credit: Disney Publishing
Arriving just in time for Halloween, Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book is an interactive iPhone or iPad app designed especially for little fingers. ...
Arriving just in time for Halloween, Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book is an interactive iPhone or iPad app designed especially for little fingers.

Retro Gaming With Kids: Let Your iPhone Take You Back

Go back to the days of blips and pixels. Illustration: Christopher Healy
However you feel about them, video games make up a huge part of today's kids' pop-culture diet. But to many parents who grew up on the barely-2-D blips of "Pac-Man" and "Spa...

Apple Audit: Child Labor Took Place in Some Factories

An audit by Apple -- maker of the iPhone -- found 15-year-olds were working in some of its factories. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty
That new iPhone might be lots of fun and oh-so-chic. But it turns out it might have been manufactured by childr...

Kids Can Browse Porn in App Store Thanks to Tech Glitch

A flaw in parental control software is allowing kids to search for and view pornographic materials in Apple's App Store. The new operating system for Apple's wildly popular iPhones provides parents with beefed-up controls over what apps their ch...

Need to Distract the Kids? There's an App for That

'Where's Gumbo?' is a digital lift-the-flap book. Credit: Jacob Favre
Used to be that a long flight, long line or long wait at the doctor's office was a frazzled parent's worst nightmare. But thanks to the iPhone -- and the thousands of apps desi...

Baby iPhone App, Boy Finds Missing Man, and More - Links We Love

Deciding who's in the delivery room is a big decision. Image: sxc.hu
Do you track baby's every feeding, diaper change, coo and gurgle? Yep, there's an iPhone app for that. -- Cool Mom Picks When 11-year-old Logan Roberts when looking for a mi...

iPhone "Baby Shaker" App Pulled - What Was Apple Thinking?

There's nothing funny about shaking a baby to make it stop crying, but that's the premise of a game that Apple temporarily approved for sale to iPhone users this week. The app, intended no doubt to be humorous, displayed a picture of a baby on the ph...

Tech etiquette - Do you let the kids play with your iPhone?

I have an iPhone; I bought it for work, but I have to admit that the Cool Factor was also important to me. I also must confess that it can do some pretty awesome things, most of which are not necessarily work-related, like checking Twitter or downloa...

The pressure of being a teen

Every generation thinks they have it tougher than the one before. And, you know what? They probably do. Like the new iphone, every generation is expected to be smarter, faster, better, and thinner than the last. So it is with teenagers, teenage girls...

DailyDish: Turn off your cell phone

Turn off your cell phone. ...


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