Teen hackers unlock whatever they want

As you're almost certainly aware, technology companies spend millions upon millions of dollars, trying to limit the ways in which people can use their products, or restrict consumers' access to certain kinds of content. For most of us, these are impe...

Dad gets vasectomy for iPhone

As you may have noticed, everyone on the planet is obsessing over the new iPhone. And today, in a hysterical post on Gizmodo, we learn that one man was apparently such a fan that he was willing to undergo a vasectomy just to get his hands on one. It'...

Even 1-year-olds can use iPhone

I'm not normally someone who lusts after gadgets, but the new iPhone (dubbed the "Jesus Phone" by tech bloggers) looks amazing. The idea of being able to browse my favorite websites with my finger as I walk down the street is so enticing, that, if ...

Knitted iPhones: totally shatterproof

What do you do when you're afraid your kid is going to a) break your totally awesome new techno-gadget, or b) use it to call 911 over, and over, and over? Make them a knitted version! That's what Greg at Daddy Types did (or, at least, got his mom...


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