Boy Genius, 12, Has Higher IQ Than Einstein, Developing His Own Theory of Relativity

Kristine Barnett won't soon forget the "most devastating day in the life" of her son. Jacob, called "Jake," her then 3-year-old, had recently stopped talking and had been diagnosed with autism. One day, she dropped him off at a gymnastics clas...Jacob Barnett has an IQ of 170 and is working on his own theory of relativity.

Processed Foods Can Lower a Child's IQ, Study Finds

Foods low in vitamins and nutrients can actually lower your child's IQ. Credit: Getty Super sweet breakfast cereals, pre-packaged lunches and fast-food dinner runs may be convenient for parents feeding their kids on the go, but a diet h...A diet high in fat, sugar and processed foods can actually lower a child's IQ.

2-Year-Old Child Genius Has IQ of 156

Elise Tan Roberts may be young, but she's already accomplished something the majority of us never will: She has become a member of Mensa. At just 2 years, 4 months and 2 weeks old, Elise has an estimated I.Q. of 156 -- putting her in the top 0.2 perc...

Being Popular in School Pays Off

Have you ever wondered how the popular kids you went to school with fared later on in life? Did their natural ability to win friends and influence people lead to financial success in adulthood? Or did they end up flipping burgers for minimum wage whi...

Drinking problems and childhood IQ linked

You'd think that having a higher IQ would mean being smart enough not to abuse alcohol. But in fact, having a high IQ as a child may actually put a person at risk for drinking problems. When researchers compared the drinking habits of over 8,000 a...

Dads - Quality time with your kids pays off

After a long day of work, car pooling, and errands, what most dads (and moms) would like to do is to finally sit down, maybe read the paper or watch TV. But we're lucky to be raising kids in a new era, one where dads are far more involved in their ch...

Nursing top boosts baby's IQ (but lowers Mom's fashion quotient)

We're all aware of the many advantages that breast feeding offers babies and moms, everything from stronger immunity and higher IQ for baby and a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight for mom. But apparently, breastfeeding alone isn't enough to real...

Genius sisters join Mensa at ages 6 and 10

While the world's youngest member of Mensa is Georgia Brown, a British 2-year-old, in New Zealand that honor goes to two sisters, aged 6 and 10. The pair's IQs are so high, that they rank in the top 0.4 per cent in the world, and their list of acco...

2-year-old genius is youngest girl to join Mensa

Occasionally I fall into the trap of thinking that some toddlers are "smarter" than others -- when really, most kids simply learn at different rates, and their ability to recite the alphabet at 18 months has little to do with how intelligent they'll ...

Smart kids more likely to become vegetarians

A recent study found that kids with higher IQ are more likely to become vegetarians by the age of 30. A group 30 year-old men and woman were surveyed, and those who were vegetarians had, on average, a childhood IQ score 5 points higher than their mea...

Breastfeeding and intelligence

Want to appear smart? It's simple -- breastfeed your baby. Just don't expect that it will make your kid any smarter. There are a lot of benefits that come from breastfeeding, but a higher I.Q. is not one of them. An article in the British Medical Jou...


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