Sesame Street Goes to Israel

Beloved characters from "Sesame Street," including Grover, go to Israel in the DVD series, "Shalom Sesame"Credit: Kobi Gideon, FLASH90
Is "Sesame Street" good for the Jews?
Well, the Jews are certainly good for Sesame Street. "Shalom Sesame...

Palestinian Conflict Leads to School Discrimination in Denmark

In case anyone still thinks that what goes on in the Middle East doesn't affect the rest of the world, I submit the curious case of schools in Denmark where headmasters are recommending that Jewish parents not try to enroll their children in the head...

Air conditioned strollers?

Finally, a high-tech solution for keeping your kid from overheating in their stroller -- just add air conditioning. That was the solution one dad Israeli dad found to keep his daughter cool. "At first I was trying to cool her off with a hand-held fa...

How far for a news photo?

According to this BBC News article, the boy in the first picture is standing next to a 1000lb unexploded bomb that fell through the roof of this Lebanese home. The article itself explains the circumstances surrounding the photo: "The shell is huge, b...

Tom Cruise says name Hebrew; Israelis disagree

Apparently Tom Cruise has invented a new Hebrew word. Israeli reporters have been debating the true origins of the name Suri since the baby's birth. Cruise's rep claims Suri is Hebrew for princess or rose. However, Israelis disagree. They say the nam...


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