iPad, Read Me a Story

Reading by iPad app-light. Illustration by Christopher Healy.
Whatever you want to do, there's an app for that: It's already a stale joke. But, as they say, there's truth in jest. And when it comes to bedtime stories, yes, there's an app for...

Apple Audit: Child Labor Took Place in Some Factories

An audit by Apple -- maker of the iPhone -- found 15-year-olds were working in some of its factories. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty
That new iPhone might be lots of fun and oh-so-chic. But it turns out it might have been manufactured by childr...

Doesn't Anyone Sing Silent Night Any More?!?

My children have their Christmas musical extravaganza this weekend -- they have been practicing for weeks. A while back, they came home with a little booklet of lyrics and directions for how to download the songs from iTunes, if we wanted to practice...

Sesame Street - Not Just for TV Anymore

For six months straight, we watched only the last 10 minutes of Sesame Street every day. (Parents of Elmo fans will know why.) Now, after 39 years of airing on PBC channels, Elmo and friends are jumping off the TV screen and into the world wide web, ...

Are you ready for the iSing?

For Christmas we bought my daughter, Edan, a little karaoke player. I love watching her sing along to her favorite punk rock children's CD, fully amplified -- it's hysterical. However, I think I'd be far less excited if she was a teenager, belting...

Just when is the right time to seek professional help for a teen?

I have a friend who is currently going through a certain kind of hell with her teenage daughter. Her 16 year-old teen has a public persona that is so polite that a person could never image the things this child is capable of doing. Not only has her d...

Do children really need cell phones?

My almost teenager has been making sounds about his need for a cell phone since last summer. I can see the convenience of it and in many ways I agree with him. We are family with no land line and currently just two cell phones. He will often borrow m...

Music for kids: sharing playlists

I had some free time this afternoon so I organized and updated my kids' music library on iTunes. I also made them a new playlist of songs to listen to while we craft or play. I'm happy to share to my playlist with you: Big Rock Candy Mountains&md...

VideoNow: When will they get with the program?

You may or may not have heard of VideoNow!, Hasbro's portable video player system. In concept, this thing is pretty cool, and I've been tempted to buy it for my kids for a while. Essentially, VideoNow! units are portable DVD players, except that they...


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