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Daughter of the 'Tiger Mom' Gets Into Harvard and Yale

Being a "Tiger Mom" apparently pays off. Credit: MTC Talk about traumatic parenting paying off. There's lots of ways to get there, but "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua's decidedly intense and extremely strict approach to raising kids may just be t...Perhaps it pays to be a "Tiger Mom" after all.

Two Ivy League Colleges Attempt to Shame Students Into Donating to Senior Class Funds

Who cares if you have student loans? Start donating! Credit: Getty Images
The typical "Walk of Shame" on college campuses involves coeds decked out in last night's clothes, reeking of alcohol and strutting home across campus after a one night sta...
Two Ivy League institutions have created a twist on the Walk of Shame, posting the names of students who haven't given their money away to their senior class fund. The goal: Embarrassing peers into philanthropy.

Is Getting Into College at 15 the Next Big Thing?

When a child genius gets into Harvard University, it can make other smart kids crazy -- literally. Credit: Corbis
When 15-year-old Zachary Young was accepted to both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this week, ...

Can the Right Baby Name Get You into Harvard?

Dear Name Lady, What names are most likely to get my kids into a top college? I know this is a bit of a ridiculous question, but could a first name actually make a difference? If so, what names would be good? - Probably Not Harvard-Bound An...

Preschool or prep school?

Do you and your partner argue about educating your kid? We do. My husband taught elementary school for nine years, and he saw a lot of kids who couldn't count to 10 or spell their own names in first grade. I know that shaped his views, but we still d...

Twins and triplets face added layer of difficulty in college admissions

Getting into college is tough. There are so many choices, so much paperwork to fill out. Then there's the very likely chance that you (or your child) won't get into the college of choice. Sometimes there is a legacy to follow--mother went to a cert...

College student wait-listed? You might just get a break this year

Is your high school senior waiting nervously for the mail each day, waiting to hear if they got into the college of their choice? If so, you might be relieved to hear this: Elite schools will be digging deep into their wait lists this year, accepting...

Egg donation getting more competitive

Back in 2002, my husband and I were childless and living in Durham, North Carolina. He had picked up a student newspaper for Duke University and brought it home. I saw an ad for egg donation and felt intrigued. They'd pay me $3,000 for my eggs? "Sure...


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