Mom Faces 3 Years in Jail After Son, 4, Killed While Jaywalking

Raquel Nelson may not have been the one behind the wheel in the hit-and-run accident that killed her 4-year-old son, A.J., but she still faces three years in jail for jaywalking with the boy. "Today" reports the mother and her three kids stepp...Driver in hit-and-run served six months, but mom of killed boy could face three years.

Do you jaywalk?

Sometimes, the stories here at ParentDish only serve to generate more questions. I wrote about a New Jersey police department that was cracking down on jaywalkers and handing out tickets to middle school kids. That got me thinking and I realized that...

Jaywalking is a naughty thing

When I was a kid, nobody ever thought twice about jaywalking. You checked for cars, made sure they couldn't get you, and crossed. In the middle of the block, against the light, whatever. Then I got "pulled over," if you will, over in a smaller town i...


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