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Jennifer Garner plans to be a fulltime mother after Alias

Jennifer Garner recently wrapped filming of her long-running television series Alias, which completes its run in May. She told People magazine that she plans to be a fulltime mother for awhile now. She gave birth to daughter, Violet, 5 months ago. Ga...

Jennifer Garner makes motherhood Job 1 is reporting a conversation they had with actor Victor Garber, one of Jennifer Garner's costars on Alias (he plays her onscreen dad).  According to Garber, "(Motherhood) is [Jennifer's] first priority now...She is happier than sh...

Moms and moms-to-be shine at the Oscars

Last night, in between trying to get dinner ready, kids bathed, and put to bed, I watched the Oscars. Maybe I am biased, but I thought the women that looked the most beautiful, most relaxed, and most centered were the mamas. Michelle Williams gets m...

Could Ben Affleck look any more uncomfortable holding a baby?

Okay, when I first saw this picture, I thought, "Violet's 10 weeks old. Shouldn't her dad know how to hold her by now?" Is it just me or does Violet look like she's about to slip right out of Ben's arms? It looks like he has no clue has to how to hol...

Top baby stories of 2005: #5 celebrity births

We're counting down the top five baby stories of the year between now and December 31st. And this one was easy. We love celebrity pregnancies here at Blogging Baby, and so do you all. When a favorite actress or pop star is rumored to be pregnant, or ...


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