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Selma Blair Names Son Arthur Saint

Selma Blair. Credit: Getty Images
She's been making moms envious for months, with her pretty amazing pregnancy style, but actress Selma Blair will soon be back to regular clothes following the birth of her son, Arthur Saint Bleick.
The actress gave birth July 25.

Bambeeno Cashmere Lobster Sweater

Bambeeno Cashmere's lobster sweater is spring-tastic. Credit: Bambeeno Cashmere Who says little ones should be deprived of a little luxury now and then? Certainly not Jessica Alba or Kelly Rutherford -- two celebs who dress their kids ...Dress your child like Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor, in this chic label.

Jessica Alba on Why Dealing With a Picky 2-Year-Old is Trickier Than Learning Lines

Jessica Alba shows her funny side in "Little Fockers." Credit: Frank Micelotta, Getty Images Jessica Alba has mostly been cast in super-sexy or superhero roles, but in "Little Fockers" she gets the chance to show audiences she c...The actress shows she can be funny in "Little Fockers."

Celeb Clan Close-Up: Jessica Alba and Honor Dress Up

Jessica Alba and daughter Honor Marie celebrate Easter with family in California last weekend. Credit: LOMELI, bauergriffinonline
Not-So-Dark Angels: When your mom is the very stylish -- and very beautiful -- actress Jessica Alba, it's probably...

Jessica Alba Says Her Daughter will be Raised Bilingual

Jessica Alba wants her daughter, Honor, to grow up speaking Spanish because she didn't. Credit: X17online
Celeb mom Jessica Alba says she wishes she'd been raised bilingual and she's making sure her daughter grows up knowing how to speak Spanish....

Consumer Reports Issues Warning On Orbit Stroller-Car Seat; Orbit Fights Back

Consumer Reports has issued a "Don't Buy: Safety Risk" warning on the Orbit Infant System, a popular convertible car seat. Orbit disagrees. Tests were conducted on the Orbit Infant System and two similar products, the Graco Stylus and Eddie ...

Jessica Alba didn't feel sexy when she was pregnant

Jessica Alba recently came clean about what it really felt like to be pregnant. The sexy Latina star, known for vamping it up in such films as Sin City and the recent The Love Guru, said that she loved being pregnant and wouldn't trade the experie...

Jessica Alba has her baby

Ever since the whole Brangelina escapade, wherein it was claimed she gave birth to her twins but, in fact, did not, in what is now being referred to as Brangelina-gate (at least by me), I'm not sure whether or not to believe the latest headlines. Acc...

Jessica Alba married!

I don't know about you, but I find it quite charming that the heavily pregnant-YET-still-way-hotter-than-me actress Jessica Alba quietly up and married her fiance Cash Warren at the Beverly Hills courthouse on Monday. (Maybe it's because I got marrie...

What advice would you give your younger self?

In the soon-to-be released book If I'd Known Then: Women Under 35 Write Letters to Their Younger Selves women were asked to write letters to the girls they once were. An exercise in 'if I knew then what I know now', these women share hard-earned bits...

Jessica Alba-TWINS?!

Not only is the internet awash with either new or gestating babies as Kristin noted earlier, Hollywood is also brimming with bonnets and booties and yet another celebrity is said to be expecting a pair of babes instead of a singleton. Jessica Alba m...

Tell the truth, celebs: pregnancy can suck

I just finished catching up on my gossip rag reading, and I must say, it wasn't very satisfying. Celebrities are having babies left and right and mags are documenting it like it's groundbreaking news and, yeah, I know most of you say you hate readin...

What motherhood looks like

Recently a friend's husband relayed an interesting story to me about mothers. His mother had commented to his wife, whose beautiful baby just turned a year old, that she didn't "look" like a mother. The couple assumed the mother (-in-law) was refe...

The new Hollywood sex symbol: moms

Twenty years ago, it seems that women in Hollywood were putting off having children as long as possible. Big stars like Madonna and Susan Sarandon were nearly 40-years-old before they had their first child. Motherhood and a Hollywood career didn't re...

Jessica Alba to grade school bully: "Look at me now!"

Remember that total jerk from the 2nd grade who pushed you around and called you names? I do. Man, I hated that guy. I used to spend hours dreaming of the day when I'd be big, famous and important and I could finally say to him -- "Ha! I'm awesome, a...


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