Palestinian Conflict Leads to School Discrimination in Denmark

In case anyone still thinks that what goes on in the Middle East doesn't affect the rest of the world, I submit the curious case of schools in Denmark where headmasters are recommending that Jewish parents not try to enroll their children in the head...

"Hit a Jew Day" shows we've got a long way to go

When I was about five years old, someone spray painted swastikas on our garage door -- which really confused me because we were Catholic. Eventually, I came to understand that it was because my father was Jewish and those that had vandalized our gara...

Becoming attached to the life inside brings abortion views into question

When Lamelle Ryman was a teenager, she was a pro-choice fanatic. Her impassioned statement to a neighbor didn't skip a beat: "I can’t believe those pro-lifers. It’s not even a baby! It’s a blob of tissue that is totally depende...


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