Towne & Reese Jewelry

Mix and match styles from Towne & Reese. Credit: Towne & Reese
Did you get something great for Mother's Day? Even though the holiday has passed, we still think it's important to splurge a little bit on yourself.
We recently ...
Treat yourself to a little jewelry shopping.

Hello Kitty Necklace Maker

Now your daughter can make her own jewelry (without beads spilling everywhere). Credit: Toys R Us Got a crafty kid on your hands? She already knows the only thing more fun than wearing cool jewelry is wearing cool j...Make your own colorful jewelry with this necklace maker.

Valentine's Day LEGO Necklace

So sweet, you may want to order another one for yourself. Credit: Nouveau Compliments
These upcycled LEGO heart necklaces are irresistibly sweet and the perfect Valentine's gift for a dear daughter, friend, mom or anyone who's young ...
Handmade by a single mom in Michigan, each LEGO necklace is slightly different.

Product Recall: Children's Necklaces

Your kids' jewelry could be hazardous to their health. Credit: CPSC
If your princess likes to get decked out in baubles, take note. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and F.A.F. Inc. have announced a voluntary recall of certain children's met...

Engagement Rings for Men

It use to be that if a woman wanted to marry, she felt she had to wait until the object of her desire got around to proposing to her. Once she decided she was ready, she had no choice but to hang on, wondering when and if he would ever pull out a rin...

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa School!

When I was a kid my Uncle Bob, who lived down the street, used to dress up like Santa Claus and visit our house Christmas Eve to deliver presents. He was pretty convincing, I must admit, in his Santa suit, beard and bag of presents (it was actually ...

Will you be getting/giving an inheritance?

A recent New York Times article calls attention to a humorous bumper sticker: "I'm spending my children's inheritance." While that sentiment may be a funny one, it turns out to be true in more ways than we know. Our parents, who may have had som...

Navel piercing almost kills teen in car accident

I am not a big fan of body-piercing mostly because it looks painful to me. I can see a lovely woman with a beautiful belly decorated with a sparkly stud and all I can think of is "ouch". I am just a wimp that way. 19-year-old Jessica Collins had no ...

Product Recall: Children's Divine Inspiration Charm Bracelets

Buy-Rite Designs Inc., of Freehold, New Jersey, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their Divine Inspiration Charm Bracelets. It seems that these crosses are just too much to bear -- they contain too m...

Product Recall: TOBY & ME Jewelry Sets

TOBY N.Y.C., of New York, New York, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their TOBY & ME Jewelry Sets. Can you guess why? Yep. "The recalled metal jewelry sets contain high levels of lead. Lead is t...

Product Recall: Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty earring sets

This product recall strikes me as a little odd. It involves only about 220 of these Disney princess earring sets sold at Wal-Mart stores in Florida. I just find it hard to believe that Uncas Manufacturing Company, of Providence, Rhode Island only mad...

Update: Purity ring is out

You may recall the case of sixteen-year-old Lydia Playfoot who went to court in England to convince her school to allow her to wear a "Purity Ring," despite a school ban on jewelry. Normally, I would side with the school and say the rule is no jewelr...

Product Recall: Butterfly Necklaces

The dreaded Chinese lead strikes again. This time, it showed up in the metal clasps of Butterfly Necklaces imported by Geo Central of Napa, California. Although no injuries have been reported, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling ...

Product Recall: Children's Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings

Spandrel Sales and Marketing Inc., of Tempe, Arizona, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their Children's Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings. The jewelry in question is actually part of the Crown Jewels o...

Product Recall: Children's Turquoise Rings

Cardinal Distributing Co. Inc., of Baltimore, Maryland, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their turquoise children's rings. In case you haven't already guessed, these rings contain dangerously high l...


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