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News Flash: Jenny McCarthy Is Not, In Fact, a Scientist

Jenny McCarthy speaks at a 2008 Washington, D.C., rally calling for healthier vaccines. Credit: Brendan Hoffman, Getty Images
You hear the rooster crow. You see the sun come up. The cause-and-effect relationship here is obvious. All hail the c...
Children may be getting fewer vaccines, based on expert advice from former Playboy playmate.

Jim Carrey's "A Christmas Carol" Creepy in a Good Way

When I heard about the latest version of "A Christmas Carol," which opens today and stars Jim Carrey in multiple roles (he's Scrooge, and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future), I went in with low expectations for this motion-capture...

Jenny's son teaches Jim how to love

Can a child teach an adult how to love? Well, I'd wager there is a lot we can learn from our children. I think Jim Carrey would agree. In a recent interview Jim claims that Jenny McCarthy's son, Evan, taught him how to love. Jim says the five-year-o...

Celebrities march for vaccination reform

Somehow, I seem to be the writer here at ParentDish who always blogs about vaccines and the war on autism. Not sure how it happened, or that it was meant to happen, but I recently came across another story regarding vaccines I thought you might ...

Jenny McCarthy: Jim could have any 20-year-old

Women in their thirties can wear take-no-prisoners red lipstick without looking like a clownish kid in a candy store. They can wear sky-high heels with panache, easily relate life experience and favorite quotes from famous authors, without sounding l...

We heard Horton

This week is spring break for Jared and Sara, so my mother-in-law decided to take them and their cousin to see Horton Hears a Who, the latest Dr. Seuss book to be turned into a film. I took a long lunch and went with them. I'm extremely anti-violence...

Horton's a hit!

I am so in love with the fact that my kids love Dr. Seuss books. Right now, their favorites are One Fish, Two Fish and The Foot Book, but my older daughter is starting to warm up to the longer stories. I hope that some of the social commentary is sin...

Dr. Seuss returns to the big screen

Every week, Jared brings home a book from the school library and we make sure that it is one of the stories we read to him at bedtime. This past week, the story was Dr. Seuss' classic, Horton Hears a Who! If you're not familiar with it, it's the stor...

Jenny McCarthy: Jim Carrey is 'autism whisperer'

Being a single mom with a young child makes dating a bit complicated. When your child has special needs, the complications can be even greater and Jenny McCarthy understands this. Her 5-year-old son Evan was diagnosed with autism two years ago and Mc...


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