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Angelina Jolie Says Motherhood Changes the Way You Look

Does Angelina Jolie look any different to you? She does to me. To the untrained (i.e., non-parental) eye, Jolie may look simply a little older than she used to--and, well, she is. But, my husband has suggested in the past, and I agree with him comp...

Angelina Jolie to Retire from Hollywood?

Is Angelina Jolie planning on retiring from Hollywood? The actress, who plays the role of mom a lot more often these days than she does those on screen. Now the star of The Changeling says she's planning on "fading away" from movies and Hollywood in...

Roseanne Barr rips Angelina Jolie and the kids

If you thought 'funny' lady Roseanne Barr had quietly disappeared to wherever it is that loud, opinionated comedians disappear to, you were wrong. She's still out there and she's still making her opinions known. A few days ago, she posted a rather na...


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