Octomom Was A Stripper Called Angelina

In the news again! Click the image to see more of the Octomom saga. Photo by Getty Images.
Did you think Nadya "OctoMom" Suleman was out of our lives for good? Oh, ye of little faith. So what is it now? More plastic surgery? Another (gulp) pr...

Kate Winslet Says Angelina Jolie's Life is Like a Soap Opera

I love Kate Winslet. I hardly know her, of course, but I can't help myself. I've watched Kate in most of her movies as she's grown up right in front of me -- we are, in fact, the same age, and both have two kids. Kate, who won two Golden Globes and i...

Angelina Jolie Controls the Press to Protect Her Family

We like to think that all the nice things we read about celebrities are true. We also, whether we admit it or not, like to read about the not-so-nice parts of their lives--such gossip, whether factual or not, makes us feel a little bit better abo...

Nicole Kidman Wants More Babies!

Fast on the heels of birthing her first child, Nicole Kidman is rip, roaring, ready to have another baby. Earlier this year the Academy Award-winning actress and her husband, hottie Country singer Keith Urban (yeah, he's a hottie--don't try to den...

Brad Pitt photographs his family for W magazine

He's an actor, celebrity, philanthropist, father to some of the most famous offspring in the world. In his spare time, Brad Pitt also fancies himself a photographer, so much so that Angelina gave him a Littman 45 Single camera for a recent birthday g...

Mark Wahlberg ready to tie the knot, right after baby #3

Marky Mark is finally ready to settle down. The former pop star and current mega-hottie actor, fresh off the lukewarm if challenging film The Happening, is preparing to marry his girlfriend after all these years. According to People, Wahlberg and Rh...

Jack Black blames wife for spilling the beans on Angelina's twins

If you want to keep a secret, clearly you shouldn't share it Jack Black, lest he blurt it out on national television. Angelina Jolie learned that lesson the hard way. Jack's not taking the blame, though. Instead, he's pointing his finger at his wife,...


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