School Bans Student's Purity Ring

Britney Spears was the first young celebrity I recall making a public promise to remain a virgin until married. We all know how that turned out, but her declaration seemed to start a trend. These days, the highest-profile virgins on the pop scene are...

Jonas Bros get a stinky movie role

On Monday, I took my 8-year-old to see High School Musical 3: Senior Year and was considering writing up a little review for those of you who have yet to have the pleasure. But then I realized that it didn't really matter if the movie was good or bad...

Joe Jonas gets a new ride

My thirteen-year-old niece won't admit to liking their music, but she will say she's going to marry a Jonas brother. Or maybe all of them. I'm not really sure because she was gushing so much when she spoke of them that it was hard to understand her. ...

Jonas Brothers surprise students with concert

The kids at Kimball Middle School in Elgin, Illinois probably thought they were being summoned to the school gymnasium for another boring-but-good-for-you presentation. What they got was probably the thrill of most of their young lives: the Jonas Bro...

Hannah Montana, the movie

We secured our tickets way in advance and after weeks of anticipation, the day finally arrived. This past Saturday was the debut of Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert and boy, was it worth the wait. We arrived early so we c...

The Jonas Brothers get their own show on Disney

This is just what I need - another inane kid show to avoid. You may not have heard of the Jonas Brothers, but chances are your preteen has. The singing trio, 19-year-old Kevin, 18-year-old Joseph and 15-year-old Nick, have just been given their own s...


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