Pilot Diverts Plane Over Teen's In-Flight Prayer

The teen was using tefillin, a set of small black boxes attached to leather straps and containing biblical passages. Credit: chaim zvi, Flickr
A devout teen caused a scare in the air Jan. 17 when, while trying to pray, he pulled out a set of sma...

Palestinian Conflict Leads to School Discrimination in Denmark

In case anyone still thinks that what goes on in the Middle East doesn't affect the rest of the world, I submit the curious case of schools in Denmark where headmasters are recommending that Jewish parents not try to enroll their children in the head...

Is an anti-religion book dangerous?

Can a book really be dangerous? I'm not sure it really can be, to the reader anyway. To the powers that be, certainly, but that's not the reader's problem. On the other hand, are there subjects that children are not ready to or should not have to dea...

Parent vs. Parent: Raising children against religion

When I was growing up, we went to church every Sunday, come hell or high water. In fact, when I got older, I knew the time and place of every late Catholic mass performed in the City so that I could go backpacking for the weekend and still make it to...

Oy Vey! The Rabbi is gay!

So I went to check on one of my favorite webcomics, Shabot 6000, and I noticed an entry on the front page journal. It seems that the Conservative movement has decided to accept gay rabbis and allow same-sex commitment ceremonies. I admit that I don't...

Crisis in Jewish faith when boys leave after Bar Mitzvahs

According to many people in the Jewish community, Judaism is facing a "boy crisis." For some reason, many boys are stopping their involvement in Jewish activities around the time of their Bar Mitzvahs. A Bar Mitzvah happens at age 13 for Jewish boys,...

Becoming attached to the life inside brings abortion views into question

When Lamelle Ryman was a teenager, she was a pro-choice fanatic. Her impassioned statement to a neighbor didn't skip a beat: "I can’t believe those pro-lifers. It’s not even a baby! It’s a blob of tissue that is totally depende...

Infertile searchers looking for God, reports blogger

Persephone, who's newly pregnant after infertility struggles and a successful round with IVF, has been keeping track of the search terms used to find her blog in 2005. "Somebody out there's writing a very odd poem," she wrote, after having ...


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