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Companies Propose Curbing Junk Food Ads for Kids

Credit: Paul Sakuma, AP WASHINGTON (AP) - The nation's largest food companies say they will cut back on marketing unhealthy foods to children, proposing their own set of advertising standards after rejecting similar guidelines proposed...The nation's largest food companies propose their own set of advertising standards after rejecting similar guidelines proposed by the federal government.

How to Keep Junk Food Ads Off Your Kid's Plate

Nothing says "summer" like a good fast food tie-in. Among my favorites? The first Transformers movie, which was rated PG-13 but lent its brand to Happy Meal toys aimed at kids 4-9. Too bad the adult meal didn't come with a person to explain why t...Nothing says "summer" like a good fast food tie-in.

Philly Parents Patrol Corner Stores to Stop Students From Eating Junk Food

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Hey, kids! Be careful what you eat in Philly! Credit: Getty Images The streets of north Philadelphia are no longer safe for kids sipping sugary soft drinks and shoveling bags of potato chips and ch...
Put down that soda! Drop the chips! Parents patrol food shops to keep kids from eating junk.

Junk Food Ads and Childhood Obesity

Kids are bombarded by advertising for junk food and fast food everywhere they turn. Credit: Corbis Even when marketed as "now with real juice!" or "contains 10 essential vitamins," a sugary soda with 300 calories just isn't good for yo...Kids are bombarded by advertising for junk food and fast food everywhere they turn.

Goodbye Junk Food? School Study Finds Teaching Good Nutrition Can Change Kids' Food Choices

Not every bite-size, crunchy snack is loaded with fat and calories. Credit: Getty Images
Who knew if you offered a kid broccoli and apple sticks, they'd grow to prefer them over Pop-Tarts and mac and cheese? A group of researchers at UC Berk...
Sounds shocking, but this study found if you teach kids about good nutrition, they'll actually want to eat their veggies. Dig in!

Kids Say Food Tastes Better When It's Shaped Like a Cartoon Ogre

Would you eat your veggies if they were shaped like Shrek? Credit: Gabriel Bouys, AFP / Getty Images
Macaroni and cheese -- at least in a kid's world -- rates as a delicacy. Put the pasta in a shape vaguely resembling Shrek, however, and oo l...

Snacking Shocker: Kids Prefer Cheetos to Carrots

When a snack attack strikes, are kids opting for junk food? Credit: Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images
Apples, carrot sticks or raisins? Puh-leeze. When it comes to snack time, more kids are reaching for salty chips, candy and junk food than e...

Getting Rid of Junk Food: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A study published in the Health Education & Behavior journal looked at six middle schools over a two year period. In three of these schools the snacks offered did not change, but did so in the other three schools in Connecticut. Snacks that did...

Octuplets, Cabin Fever, and Cool New Gadgets - Links we Love

Got cabin fever? Kids driving you crazy? Try teaching them to juggle or bring spring inside with an indoor terrarium. -- AlphaMom The division of labor in family life can feel more like tug-of-war than partnership. Here's how one couple finally le...

The end of the bake sale?

It's a traditional, and often delicious way for schools, PTAs, and student groups to make money -- the bake sale. Parents chip in by contributing their favorite goodies, and students chip in by buying them. Win/win, right? Wrong, says California, who...

McDonald's burgers built to last

Karen Hanrahan is a wellness educator who teaches a workshop titled Healthy Choices for Children. Her class is for parents and is intended to teach them about healthy alternatives to the processed food products so widely available today. To illustrat...

Does an obese pregnancy lead to an obese child?

Several studies in a recent New York Times article entitled "Honey, I Plumped the Kids" seem to be pointing in that direction. As we all know by now, human beings are getting bigger--and by bigger, I really mean fatter. In 2005 it was estimated ther...

Healthy kid foods - not so healthy

Anyone who has ever taken a child to the grocery store knows that food marketers who target children know their stuff. Sugary cereals are on the bottom shelf, and beloved cartoon characters adorn box after box of chewy, gooey, treats. Though marketer...

Surprising junk food

Quickly: you're stopped at a red light with a crotchety child (or two) You're holiday shopping, desperately wishing you'd just done it online, already. In the back seat there ares snotty noses and wailing voices and it's been three hours since anyone...

Junk meals -- how often?

My TV conked out on me two nights ago, and though we almost never watch it, the background din is always on in the morning and the house feels ghostly silent without it. I can hear my neighbours sloshing down the street in their rain boots in the ear...


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