juvenile diabetes 

Best Children's Hospitals: Diabetes

Johns Hopkins is a leader in juvenile diabetes research. Credit: John's Hopkins Children's Center
When your child is ill, only the best care is good enough. So we're highlighting the hospitals that are leading the way in research, in...
Faced with the rise of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes in children and the emerging epidemic of childhood obesity, America's top children's hospitals are ramping up their research and treatment options for diabetes and endocrine disorders.

Identifying and Preventing Type-2 Diabetes in Kids

Type-2 diabetes is no longer a disease of the adult population. Unfortunately, kids as young as 10 years old are developing the disease at an alarming rate. Parents who are aware of the signs, symptoms and risk factors for developing type-2 diabetes ...

New Words for No, Book Recommendations, and Preggatinis - Links We Love

Toddlers get tired of hearing the word "no." Image: sxc.hu
When you became a parent, did you turn into your mother? Or do you use your own parenting techniques? -- LilSugar Genius! A dad of a diabetic child invented a blood glucose monitor th...


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