LipDub Videos Show High Schoolers' Directorial Chops

Move over, Martin Scorsese -- you've got competition. Students at high schools and universities are trying their hand at one-shot videos featuring hundreds of cast members lip-syncing to catchy pop tunes. Senior Luke McDaneld at Lawrence H...

Teen Spots Error on State Writing Test

When high school junior Geoffery Stanford sat down to take his state's standardized writing test last week, little did he know he wasn't just proofreading his own work -- but the test itself. Stanford found a glaring typo on his test missed by the 30...

Baby survives tornado

This is the stuff of my nightmares. A fourteen month old miraculously survived after being thrown more than 40 feet during a tornado. Blake Opperman was found fine and dandy under a pile of debris after a tornado struck his family's home in Milling...

Teaching your teen about stalkers

When I was 19-years-old, I met a man at a conservative college I attended. It was my birthday and I spoke with him briefly and figured he'd become yet another casual acquaintance. Unfortunately, he did not feel that way. To put it lightly: He became ...

Kansas may eliminate law that allows 12-year olds to marry

We really need to start a "Kansas" category here at Blogging Baby. The state's government has provided us with more material than any other state in the Union. Its schools have the worst science standards in the nation, in part because of&n...


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