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SmackDown: Jon or Kate for Parent of the Year?

The Gosselin's split has been bitter and public. Whose side are you on? Credit: COP / BuzzFoto / FilmMagic
Reality Check: Kate Gosselin is a Good Mom by Susan Avery Kate Gosselin is not c...
The Gosselin's split has been bitter and public. Whose side are you on?

Marijuana Mamas, Apology Cards, and Lisa Kudrow - Links We Love

Kid behaved badly on a playdate? Send an apology card. Photo: sxc.hu
Kate Gosselin admits it: Jon's been asking for a divorce for "a long time." She says that on a good day, she feels relief. On a bad, she feels failure. -- Whoa, Momma! One...

Co-Sleeping, Maya Rudolph and Viral Videos - Links We Love

What happens when the family bed doesn't work for every member of the family? Photo courtesy of Kelly Sue on Flickr. Is your baby literally coming between you and your husband? How do you deal when Mom wants to co-sleep but Dad doesn't? -- Mothe...

Jon and Kate Set The Record Straight

In real life, if a couple is having marital problems, they might seek help from a counselor. Or friends. Or just take some time to talk. But in the world of reality TV, they call their publicist. Jon and Kate Gosselin want people to know that thin...

Jon Gosselin Parties With Co-Eds - Well-Deserved Break or Big Mistake?

Every man needs an occasional break from his wife and kids. And when you have sextuplets, twins and a wife like Kate Gosselin, odds are you really need some time off. Reality TV dad Jon Gosselin apparently agrees. According to Star Magazine, the "Jon...

Fertility Treatment Myths Debunked

Nadya Suleman, infamous mom of octuplets, doesn't make motherhood look easy. But IVF? For her, that's a walk in the park. After all, every one of her 14 kids was born through in-vitro fertilization with donor sperm. At her age, which is 33, women hav...

New Year's Resolutions, Bedtime Stories, and Ingo Rademacher - Links we Love

If your New Year's resolutions include cutting costs this year, here's how to save $100 a month ... painlessly. -- AlphaMom Speaking of saving money -- Here's Kate Gosselin talking about how she juggles the family budget. -- AlphaMom On the oth...

Kate Gosselin - Her Side

Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8
Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you had one more child? How about two more? How about SIX more? Four years ago, Jon and Kate Gosselin went from being parents of two to parent...

Hand tattoos, Where's Waldo, and Kate Gosselin - Links we love

Too busy for pen and paper? Try the To-Do Tattoo -- AlphaMom Where's Waldo on the banned book list? Find out why. -- Babble Marissa Jaret Winokur talks about her miracle baby. -- Celebrity Baby Blog Kate Gosselin feeds a family of 10 ... hea...

It doesn't take a village

While we were on holiday, recently, I had a nice chat with a young fellow who was very interested in becoming a parent -- someday. Although he wasn't ready, he wanted to learn as much as he could so that when he was ready, he'd have some idea of what...

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Life with twins AND sextuplets

I am addicted to TLC. Mostly I watch What Not To Wear, but about a year ago, I stumbled on to "Surviving Twins and Sextuplets," the story of Kate and Jon Gosselin's remarkable family. Kate and Jon have six-year-old twin daughters and two-year-old sex...


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