Suri Cruise Stumbles in Her High Heels

Suri Cruise steps out in heels. Again. Boston Credit: PPNY / GSNY / Splash News
Oh, baby! Those sparkly, high-heel sandals that pint-size Suri Cruise has been sporting recently look so adorable. Especially when combine...

Suri Cruise Sparkles in Her Silver Heels

Suri Cruise traveling with her stylish parents, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Credit: Jun Sato, WireImage
It's quite common for parents to influence their kid's style, but a mini fashion plate making Mom and Dad more hip? Well, to do that, you've ...

Tom Cruise Hopes for More Kids with Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise is looking to be a father again, but not until wife Katie is ready to take the time. Papa Cruise and wife Katie Holmes are already parents to two-year-old Suri (and Tom is dad to Isabella and Conner from his former marriage to Nicole Ki...

Suri Cruise STILL sporting a baby bottle

Suri Cruise is nearly two and a half years old. Heaven knows you couldn't forget that if you tried. And while she has more fashion sense than pretty much any other tot on the planet, there is one thing that seems to still give us all pause. No, it's...

Suri Cruise isn't smiling because of her designer duds, it's that bottle

For months after her much anticipated birth Suri Cruise was kept close under wraps. Rumors circulated regarding the fact she likely bore too much resemblance to an alien. But after much fuss she made her debut on the cover of Vanity Fair and since th...


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