Brad Pitt Hates Paparazzi - Says Family Makes Him "Rich"

About once a year Brad Pitt sits down with the annoying Ann Curry of the Today Show for a grilling about both his professional and personal life. Papa Pitt is ready and eager to talk about the professional side of things--he's currently promoting ...

Nicolas Cage and son create comic book

I am a big fan of actor Nicolas Cage. He's not traditional Hollywood leading man material, but that is exactly what I find appealing about him. I imagine if I ever actually met him, he would be as quirky and interesting in real life as he is in the m...

Hurricanes lead to teen smoking

Those who live in southeast Texas are all too familiar with the damage a hurricane can do to their homes and loved ones. But what isn't so obvious is the psychological damage that remains long after the wind and rain has died down. Researchers at Uni...

New Orleans looking for a few good teachers

If you're a teacher looking for a job and a bit of a challenge, some New Orleans schools would like to speak with you. The schools, which were already having troubles before Hurricane Katrina hit, are in a desperate situation. According to some schoo...

Katrina -- One year later

It was one year ago that Hurricane Katrina caused the levees protecting New Orleans to fail. Katrina is responsible for nearly two thousand deaths (another 700 are still missing) and an estimated 81 billion dollars in damage. It is the most expensive...

The generosity of children

According to this article, American school children have raised and donated more money for Katrina relief than many major corporations. RandomKid, a non-profit, grassroots children's group has been tracking donations and announced that the total has ...

Anna Kournikova helps Katrina victims

From People.com: Anna Kournikova recently visited Hurricane Katrina victims in Biloxi, Mississippi, on behalf of the Boys' and Girls' Clubs of America. The tennis star brought toys to the children, and was apparently moved by what she witnessed. In h...


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