kid friendly recipes 

Snack Time? Try This Crunchy, Low-Fat Pita Chip Recipe

As far as snack food goes, potato chips have been a longtime hit with many kids (and adults, of course). Whether you're looking for an afternoon crunch or evening munch, chips usually seem like a great idea. But what often comes with a bag of chips i...

Banana Bread Recipe: Low Fat and Delicious

Few people would not be tempted to take a slice of warm, mouth-watering banana loaf, fresh from the oven. As the taste of banana goodness melts in your mouth, the excessive calories and fat find their way to your midsection. Did you know that your ...

Whining and Dining: Toddler Thanksgiving Special

I'm Canadian, so we already had our Thanksgiving in October. I forget why we celebrate on a different date than Americans, but I expect it has to do with the cold and our shorter growing season. This week's Whining and Dining tip comes from Lea at Qu...


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