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The new website reCrib brings buyers and sellers of items for kids and babies together. Credit: Having to spend a lot of money on stuff for kids and babies can be frustrating -- especially when they grow out of clothes, move...Find gently used gear for kids and babies at this website.

Vermont family tries to have it all by giving it all away

When my husband and I moved from a 700 square foot apartment to a big, old, four bedroom house ten years ago, we had more empty rooms than we did full. We couldn't imagine filling the extra space. Then we went and had kids. Kids, as you know, are kin...

Blogging Baby Size Six: Products I can't live without

As a busy mom of two young girls, I am all about products that make my life easier. Here are six that are essential to helping me get through my day: Snack-Trap: This is a little cup which holds small treats (Cheerios, goldfish, etc.). It has a p...


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