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The worst Christmas movies

I'm not sure if it's an annual tradition yet, but Maxim magazine recently released their list of the fourteen worst Christmas movies. I thought it was pretty hilarious, and, sadly, pretty accurate. Why does this matter to us (many of whom don't re...

Hannah Montana coming to the big screen

With all the success of the Hannah Montana show and the associated merchandise, it's no surprise the hear that Disney is taking it to the big screen. A Hannah Montana movie will begin shooting in April of next year and is scheduled for release someti...

Shrek III is coming (I'm so pumped!)

The Shrek series is by far my favorite set of kids' movies. I love the characters, I love the message, and I love that I still laugh out loud every time I watch either of the first two films. (Ok, I'm not a huge fan of the violence, but I can look pa...


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