kids and smoking 

Secondhand Smoke at Home Increases Risk of ADHD in Kids, Study Finds

Credit: Laurent Fievet, AFP/Getty Images
If you're still smoking, here's yet another reason to quit: Exposing kids to secondhand smoke at home puts them at a 50 percent greater risk of developing ADHD or other behavioral disorders.
You may be putting your kid at risk of developing ADHD if you smoke at home.

FDA Fears Kids Will Like Dissolvable Tobacco

Lawrence Deyton, head of the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products,says he's concerned about dissolvable tobacco products. Credit: Jacquelyn Martin, AP
Remember candy cigarettes? You can still buy them, and odds are some kids still enjoy them, but th...

Smoking in cars to be illegal in Australia

Victoria, Australia's Health Minister says the country is prepared to consider a smoking ban in cars with passengers under the age of 16. I've mentioned before that I am an ex-smoker, although I quit when I found out I was pregnant. And I admit I ha...


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