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Is Predicting Kids' Athletic Future With At-Home Genetic Testing Possible?

Credit: Getty Images
By Dr. Robert Tozzi
Parents, trainers, coaches and athletes emulate many of our high-profile professional athletes. Unfortunately, more harm than good can come from most of these attempts. In my last column, ...
Companies claim genetic testing can help determine what sports may be best for their child.

Give Me 10 ... Thousand: Parents Shell Out Small Fortunes for Kids' Personal Trainers

Kid serious about soccer? Better get her a trainer now. Credit: Getty
Earning a spot on the Little League roster is no longer enough. Parents are now investing in personal trainers to make sure their kid becomes the star player, sacrificing s...
Parents are now investing in personal trainers to make sure their kid becomes the star player, sacrificing savings and sometimes their child's health in the process.

Should Your Child Play More Than One Sport?

Dear Reggie, My 11-year-old-son, Jacob, is an ice hockey fanatic. He is on the ice three to five days a week and also plays road hockey for fun with his friends. He's very talented, but a bit smaller than the other players. His progress seems to hav...

Rival parents need to pick a side

This weekend, my 11 year old son's team had a baseball game against one of their biggest rivals and the strangest thing happened: a set of parents from the opposing side sat right in the middle of our group, next to me. At first, everyone assumed th...

Do childhood predispositions stick around?

Nolan was about three months old the first time I realized he might have a predisposition toward hockey. He was mesmerized every time the game appeared on the television set (which: in Canada in the winter months is approximately once every 2.3 minut...

Million dollar baby? 5-year-old "Killer Bee" has been BOXING since she could crawl

The boxer known around Baltimore gyms as "Killer Bee" is Mia Ellis, a 5-year-old kindergartner who has been fighting boys aged 8 and 11, because those are the only opponents anything close to her weight class. Apparently there just are...


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