kids artwork 

A Custom Rug Inspired By Your Kid's Art

Turn ordinary children's doodles into extraordinary custom rugs. Tacking children's art onto one's fridge with a magnet is a classic way to display your little one's masterpieces. But if you have bigger plans for those crayon scribbles and wat...Turn ordinary children's doodles into extraordinary custom rugs.

Do You Throw Away Your Kids' Artwork?

I've been amazed at how many experiences seem to be shared amongst my fellow parents. I don't just mean that all babies have stinky poop. I mean things like how much artwork your children bring home, and what exactly we are supposed to do with it. ...

Scribble Couture: Fashion goes sentimental

When children learn to draw, suddenly every blank piece of paper is a canvas, and every masterpiece is a work of art. It's hard to part with children's art, but it's impossible to save every piece, especially if your little artist is enthusiastic. M...


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