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Overweight Mom Started Daughter on Diet When Girl Was Just 2

A British mom has tongues wagging over the fact that she restricts her 8-year-old daughter's caloric intake -- to the tune of 700 calories per day. That's 1,000 calories less than a typical child that age should consume on a daily basis. Mom's r...

Child is a Little Overweight: How Bad?

"I have a 10-year-old son that I have concerns about," writes an upset mom, who says that her son is not interested in any sports, and that there's not much physical activity at home. "He loves the computer and is an advanced student," Mom writ...

Add More Greens to Your Diet With Bok Choy

Thinking about adding a new green vegetable to your family's diet? Here's one that you might want to consider! Bok choy is a member to the cabbage family, long used in Asian cuisine for stir fries, spring rolls and those oh-so-tasty soups. It has a l...

Is Ice Cream Bad for You?

If ice cream falls on the pavement, it's still good, right? Photo:
"So, it's summer," my friend says, "and that means a steady inflow of ice cream into many members of our family. And by 'steady,' I mean daily. And by 'daily,' I...


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