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New Music For Kids: Concept Albums

The world of children's music is rife with theme albums – CDs about the sea, CDs about dinosaurs, CDs about school, and so on. But these concept discs are not easy to pull off. The gimmick can feel forced by the fifth track, or it may start to ...The world of children's music is rife with theme albums – CDs about the sea, CDs about dinosaurs, CDs about school, and so on.

Kids' Music Roundup: A Slew of New Family CDs

There have been so many new kids' music albums released in the past couple of months that it's hard to narrow down our picks to just a handful. But, here are some of the best, most noteworthy new releases for your wee ones' next impromptu dance party...Here are some of the best, most noteworthy new music releases for your wee ones' next impromptu dance party.

New Kids' Music: Some of the Best CDs Were Saved for the End of the Year

Some great family music albums have been released throughout 2010, including Frances England's "Mind of My Own," Secret Agent 23 Skidoo's "Underground Playground" and Caspar Babypants' "This is Fun!" But four of my personal favorites squeezed in just...Four musical favorites for kids squeezed in just at the end of the year.

New Kids' Music: The Indie Scene Goes Preschool

With every passing day, the line between the kids' music scene and the indie music scene blurs a bit more. If you don't have indie artists recording their own CDs for kids, you'll see them making guest appearances on other people's family-music album...Indie rock tunes for kids? The morning carpool just got cool.

From Hip-Hop to Zydeco: A World of Difference in Kid's Music

Whatever genre you want, you can find it in children's music. Illustration: Christopher Healy
Once upon a time, children's music was nothing but folk. Or at least it seemed that way. From the '60s, right on through the end of the last centu...
Nowadays, it's hard to find a genre that the family music scene hasn't touched upon, so your child's musical education can be as widely varied as you like.

Reviews: What's New This Week

Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full. In Theaters: Ramona and Beezus Beverly Cleary's beloved book series comes ...

Kids' Music: Fresh & New vs. Tried & True

The children's sections of music stores -- whether online or off -- have never been more crowded. You've not only got the exciting, parent-friendly new wave of family artists, but you'll always have the still-wonderful, nostalgia-inducing old sc...

Has Children's Music Gotten Too Hip for the Wiggles?

In 1991, the Wiggles released their first album and the monochromatic Aussie quartet became that decade's megastars of children's music. Almost two decades later, they're still at it, having just put out their, oh, let's say 300th CD, Hot Poppin'...

Listen to the Music

Earn some serious cool points from your kids. Credit: Getty Images
We know, we know -- as soon as you have a free hour you're going to make a totally killer kids' music playlist for your children. One for each of them in fact, perfectly suited to...

Music Review: Love & Peace/Pickin' & Grinnin'

A seminal children's music label celebrates its 25th with two big anthologies. Credit: Music for Little People.
Various Artists: Peace & Love and Pickin' & Grinnin' (Music for Little People) To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the influ...

Music Review: "Rock and Roll Garden" by Bari Koral Family Rock Band

Bari Koral will cure young couch potatoes. Credit: Loopytunes
Rock and Roll Garden by Bari Koral Family Rock Band Some children's artists rely on gimmicks to draw audiences; others bank on gearing their sound toward parents and hope to ...

Music Review: "C'mon" by Renee & Jeremy

There is such as thing as children's music that parents will actually like. Credit: One Melody Records C'Mon by Renee and Jeremy Upon first listen, there is absolutely nothing about C'mon, the second disc from L.A. duo Renee Stahl and Jeremy Tob...

Best Kids' CDs of the Decade

The '00s could be known as the decade of children's music (along with about a zillion other things). These first 10 years of the new millennium were a time in which an entire genre of music -- one which was formerly mocked, looked down upon, or ...

5 Reasons Why I Truly, Madly, Deeply Love the Jonas Brothers

Unlike some parents, when my 8-year-old pops in her Jonas Brothers CD, I don't breathe a heavy sigh and grit my teeth. I smile and sing along. Not only do I know all the words to the songs, I actually like them. I am not saying this as a parent wh...

Weekend Fun and Games

Got plans for the three-day weekend? If not, maybe this will help. Here's a run-down of what's new this week in kid's entertainment as adapted from ratings and reviews by Common Sense Media. At the Movies Based on the book by Sophie Kinsella, Con...


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