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Mark Zuckerberg: Let Children Younger Than 13 on Facebook

Would you let your young kids use Facebook? Credit: Getty Images Maybe Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is feeling nostalgic about when he was 12 years old -- way back in ... 1996? Wow! This kid really is a kid! No wonder he wants...Facebook founder vows to challenge site's age restrictions.

Millions of Kids Younger Than 13 on Facebook, Consumer Reports Survey Finds

An estimated 7.5 million of the 20 million Facebook users are younger than 13. Credit: Getty Images School is out for the day, homework is complete, and your tween is chilling out, messing around on an educational website. Yeah, right....Survey finds 7.5 million kids younger than 13 are Facebook users.

Facebook Kicks Off 20,000 Kids Every Day, Bye Bye, Babies!

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Is your tween sneaking onto Facebook? Credit: Toby Talbot, AP OK, so maybe you find it comforting to see reports claiming Facebook bans 20,000 kids younger than 13 every day from friending the wor...
Despite age restrictions, kids younger than 13 are still using Facebook.


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