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Trunki by Melissa & Doug

Luggage you can ride on? Oh, yeah. Credit:
July is the heart of family travel time -- which, while extremely fun, can also be extremely stressful.
That's why easing the luggage burden is so important. Check out Tr...
Part suitcase, part riding toy, the Trunki will make travel fun -- and easier on you!

Not Your Ordinary Summer: Taking A Family Adventure Vacation

Looking for an adventure vacation, but scared to take your kids? Relax. It can be done. Credit: Joshua Berman
Leora Rothschild has been booking safari adventures for families since 1998, but this is the first time she's going to the bush with...

Should airplanes have a kid's section?

(Click the photo to see 5 essential travel tips for kids on planes) These days, traveling by air can be an extreme test of patience and restraint. Herded like cattle and crammed into tiny seats, most of us suffer quietly and try to make the best ...

Nickelodeon to open resort hotels

In case you aren't getting enough Sponge Bob at home, he can now be a part of your family vacation. Nickelodeon and Marriott International have announced plans to open a new chain of resort properties called "Nickelodeon Resorts by Marriott". The fi...


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