Co-Sleeping: Is it Right for You?

Co-sleeping occurs when parents and children share the same bed. This has become popular among parents who practice attachment parenting, a parenting style advocated by William Sears, M.D. Opponents of co-sleeping say the practice interferes with ...

Police Replace Teddy Bears With Books

A new federal law has police departments re-thinking the toys they hand out to kids. Credit: Jek In The Box, Flickr
A law designed to protect kids from harmful chemicals means that some police officers are no longer handing out cuddl...

Parents Slow to Cut Spending on Kids

The recession hasn't curbed parents' spending on their kids. Credit: boopsie.daisy, Flickr
Parents trying to weather the recession are cutting back on their own vices, such as alcohol and tobacco, but they aren't willing to spend less on their ki...

Boy, 7, Inspires Cancer-Fighting Superhero

A 7-year-old boy fighting brain cancer has been immortalized in his own comic book, like the one that inspired the 1978 film "Superman," starring the late Christopher Reeve. Credit: AP
A comic-book character, inspired by a 7-year-old boy's courag...

Blind Boy Uses Sonar to See With His Ears

Lucas Murray is blind, but uses echos to 'see' his surroundings. Credit: Solent / REX / REX USA
A British 7-year-old who was born blind uses a technique similar to that of dolphins and bats to "see" his surroundings. Lucas Murray uses echos to...

School Bans Smoking for Teachers, But Not for Students

Teachers can't smoke at a school in Wales, but students might be allowed to indulge their addiction. Credit: stevendepolo, Flickr
A school in Wales forbids teachers to smoke on school grounds, but may create an outdoor shelter on campus where pup...

Working Moms' Kids Are Less Healthy, Study Says

Moms who work outside the home don't have time for a healthy lifestyle, study says. Credit: moriza, Flickr Get your boxing gloves out, ladies, there's a new salvo being fired in the Mommy Wars -- a study out of Britain reveals that kids of wo...

Parents Use Deception to Influence Kids

A new study shows that parents lie to their kids often. Credit: m-a-p, Flickr We tell our kids that lying is flat-out wrong, but a new study shows that parents aren't afraid to fib to their children in order to influence their behavior and em...

13-Year-Old Prodigy Enrolls in College

13-year-old Paige Epler, right, listens to a lecture during her astronomy class at George Mason University. Credit: Mark Gail, Washington Post
A 13-year-old Woodbridge, Va., resident received a high school diploma and is now in college. Pa...

Would You Let Your Child Walk to School Alone?

Fears of child abduction and other dangers stop parents from allowing kids to walk to school alone. Credit: Comstock Letting your child walk to school alone or wait by herself at the bus stop has become a radical act, thanks to a culture awas...

Wisconsin Lowers Hunting Age to 10

Would you let your 10-year-old go hunting? Credit: Photodisc
Wisconsin 10-year-olds can now legally carry guns -- at least into the woods. Previously, kids in Wisconsin had to be at least 12 years old to hunt with supervision and 14 to hunt...

Boy Saves Family From House Fire

An 11-year-old Chicago boy saved his family from a fire. Credit: Jupiterimages
An 11-year-old Chicago boy saved his family from a devastating house fire when he carried his 2-year-old god-sister out of the house and then ran back inside to al...

Dad Lets 11-year-old Son Drive, Gets Arrested

Would you let your kid drive your car? Photo:
Las Vegas area father Eusebio Aguilar is in trouble with the law after he let his 11-year-old son drive home from the grocery store. Police say that Aguilar "may have just been too drunk to ...

Are You Your Child's Role Model?

Should parents strive for perfection? Photo:
As a child, were you ever told "Do as I say, not as I do?" That little saying is intended to get parents off the hook for any less-than-perfect behavior and dissuade kids from mimicking said beh...

Young Kids Spending More Time Online

Kids get friendly with the Internet. Photo:
This isn't your mama's Internet: Nielsen reports from the month of May found that kids, age 11 and younger, are a rapidly growing group of Internet users -- getting online at higher rates than...


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