CD Review: Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today is OK, by Mum

Ok, so this is kind of cheating. Mum technically makes music for grown-ups, but their brand of lo-fi, emotionally-charged techno-pop has recently become living-room-dance-floor fodder for my 2 year-old and I, so I thought I'd share. Well, most of i...

Music Review: The Telephone Company

Let's cut to the chase. The Telephone Company are a couple of weirdos. But weirdos who, somehow -- almost unbelievably -- manage to create music that kids go crazy over. The Austin-based acoustic rockers call themselves a "hardcore children's band,...

Video of the Day -- Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes starring Bono, er I mean Mono

My quirky and lovely pal Marla of Hello Josephine sent me a link to this fun animated video from the Mother Goose Rocks DVD website. From the samples I watched, Mother Goose Rocks seems to take popular kids' songs and then pair them up with cartoon v...

Mamapalooza: coming to a city near you

We talked about Mamapalooza last year and it's back again. Mamapalooza is an annual concert event started in 2002 by Joy Rose, lead singer of the band Housewives on Prozac, as a showcase for mom rockers. The first event was in New York City and featu...

Dad blogger Defective Yeti at Alpha Moms

Matthew Baldwin of Defective Yeti, is contributing at Alpha Mom's Hot Spot. He's put aside his ban on cheesy kids music to give Justin Roberts a chance. He reviews the CD 'Meltdown!' and gives it a big thumbs up. Another thumbs up from the "CEO&...

Blogging Baby Music Review: See You on The Moon (Indie Rock for Kids)

I know shamefully little about the kind of music that kids supposedly like, or rather the industry of crappy music that has sprung up to take advantage of parents who think that music for kids needs to be created by aging hippies with rudimentary gui...

Music for kids: sharing playlists

I had some free time this afternoon so I organized and updated my kids' music library on iTunes. I also made them a new playlist of songs to listen to while we craft or play. I'm happy to share to my playlist with you: Big Rock Candy Mountains&md...

Laurie Berkner music DVD to be co-released with Starbucks

Laurie Berkner has charmed many of the parents who write for Blogging Baby, not to mention their kids. Now Berkner's production company, Too Tomatoes Records, is hitting those parents just where they are: Starbucks. The coffee shop and record company...


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